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The iDrive system has a tendency to initiate operation only in conditions of lower temperatures. The vehicle in question is the BMW E60 530d.


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The functionality of my idrive is limited to cooler temperatures, such as during the early morning and nighttime cooldown periods.
On weekends, when I am not required to get up early for work, the iDrive system fails to start due to elevated temperature levels.

The device may function at any time of the day when there is a cool ambient temperature. However, when exposed to sunlight, even before the arrival of summer, it experiences a continuous loading process like to a computer reboot.
The only visual output I see is the BMW logo followed by an absence of any displayed content, repeating in a cyclic manner.

Is anybody able to provide more insight or clarification on this matter?
I am confident in asserting that the functionality of the idrive system is influenced by ambient temperature. Specifically, I have seen that the idrive system operates well when the external temperature is cool, even if the engine has been running and is warm. Conversely, when the outside temperature becomes somewhat warm, the idrive system fails to function properly, even if the engine has not been running and is at a low temperature.

Thank you for your ideas, please.
The vehicle in question is a 2005 widescreen model equipped with a navigation system, namely a 530d e60.

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I have not organized it; my garage lacks any semblance of order.
The recent rainy days have been satisfactory; but, as the temperature rises to around 14 degrees Celsius or when exposed to sunshine, the automobile experiences an increase in heat. The functionality is non-operational. The situation is rather bothersome.
Please inform me whether you have resolved the problem, Lee.
It is surprising to see the absence of any individuals on this site who have encountered the aforementioned difficulty. In a comparable scenario with my previous vehicle, a Fiat Coupe 20vt LE, I would have received an overwhelming amount of assistance on the FCCUK forum.
I hope that someone with relevant experience can provide guidance on resolving the present situation.

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I am the owner of a 2006 e60 530 vehicle. While I have not personally encountered the specific issue you have described, it seems to resemble a potential malfunction related to the cooling fan inside the Idrive system.


Please access the online forum provided and start by introducing yourself. Share your selections or preferences, and afterwards pose your inquiry, since there is a possibility of receiving a response.
The BMW 5 Series Owners Board is a platform dedicated to the community of BMW 5 Series owners.

Moreover, in the event that all other attempts prove unsuccessful, it is advisable to establish contact with the individual mentioned below.

The subject of this discussion is to the occurrence of BMW CCC (Car Communication Computer) failure and its subsequent impact on the professional business and Idrive system in the E60 model. The focus of this discourse is on the repair process associated with this issue.

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I am in possession of a 2009 528 ix vehicle, which exhibits similar behavior. In the event of cold weather, no difficulties arise. Once the temperature rises, I have a problem with its activation. I am still able to acquire the BMW vehicle, but, I am required to do a reset procedure. Despite this, there are instances when the vehicle fails to start.

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