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Is NG07YVS Missing or Seen? It's an MPS in red


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It has been a considerable duration since my last visit to this platform. Nevertheless, I have recently had a sense of sorrow for my former MPS.

I am curious if anybody has observed it? It seems that the taxes have not been paid and the vehicle's MOT (Ministry of Transport) certification has expired for an extended period of time.

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It is also pleasing to see the presence of remarkable automobiles from the period spanning 10 to 15 years ago, during which it was feasible to get a very commendable high-performance compact vehicle such as the Mazda3 MPS for a price below £20,000 when brand new.  Considering the current exorbitant prices of automobiles, one cannot help but contemplate the substantial financial implications that would arise from acquiring a comparable vehicle in the contemporary market.

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The photograph was taken in the year 2011, at a period when the forum was actively organizing gatherings. The aforementioned location pertains to St Mary's Lighthouse situated in Whitley Bay.  Regrettably, that constituted one of our last encounters.

The members shown a lack of willingness to organize any more activities. The escalating expenses associated with gasoline and other hindrances rendered the continuation of the endeavor unfeasible. 

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