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Mazda has compelled Home Assistant to remove its very functional Mazda integration.


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I own a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model known as CX-60 and I use a software application called Home Assistant to facilitate the automation of various household gadgets. The home assistant was integrated with the Mazda API, enabling me to access and see all the data provided in the MyMazda application.


Moreover, these data may be used to execute automated actions inside the Home Assistant platform.

    Please provide an alert when the pressure of a tyre is below the recommended level.
    Please alert me if the current time is beyond 23:00 and my vehicle is not present at its designated location.
    Activate the charging mechanism provided that the variable tariff is economically advantageous, the vehicle is situated at the residence, and the charge level of the vehicle is less than 90%.
    It is recommended to diligently document the odometer reading on a daily basis, precisely at midnight, and thereafter input the recorded value into a spreadsheet.

The many functions offered by Home Assistant enhance its use, contribute to cost savings, and positively impact my satisfaction as a Mazda owner, so addressing a demand for increased happiness in this context.

Mazda North America has formally spoken with GitHub, requesting the removal of the Mazda integration from Home Assistant. Their allegation asserts, however erroneously, that the integration library used in Home Assistant has been replicated from their Android and iPhone applications. As of yet, the developer responsible for the creation of this exceptional library has not contested the request for removal, resulting in the cessation of functionality for Mazda integration. The observed behaviour by Mazda North America may be characterised as a mistaken and malevolent activity. It remains uncertain if this action is initiated by Mazda Japan. However, those who prioritise the transparency and functionality of their vehicles are encouraged to express their concerns by submitting written complaints to their respective national Mazda organisation.

The blog entry pertaining to Home Assistant may be accessed at this location.
In addition to the aforementioned vehicle makers, Home Assistant also incorporates many more automobile brands, including Volvo, Renault, Nissan, BMW, Tesla, Mini, and Subaru.

The present move has elicited a profound sense of anger inside me, since Mazda has effectively impeded my ability to use some beneficial services by restricting my access to execute them from my own server. Mazda's actions are deserving of reproach.

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As an individual who has acquired two successive Mazda vehicles, this particular course of action has effectively deterred me from further engaging with the company. If the company were to rectify this situation, I may reconsider their candidature for my future vehicle purchase. However, their blatant disrespect for consumer satisfaction demonstrates a lack of foresight.

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Several years ago.
The aforementioned firm has created a computer game that showcases a collection of aircrafts from the historical period of World War II.
Multiple editions were published over the course of many years, and all aspects were satisfactory. The accurate replication of aeroplanes was widely recognised and distinguished by all individuals.
In due course, the game distributor made the decision to designate some aircraft on the packaging label. It is worth noting that at this period, software goods were often distributed in physical boxes rather than being downloaded electronically.

The whole firm faced significant challenges when a particular United States aircraft manufacturer promptly initiated legal action based on allegations of copyright infringement.
Subsequently, the culmination of this expedition swiftly approached.

Based on historical analysis, it can be inferred that the error committed by the Home Assistant contributor likely stemmed from the explicit use of the brand or model designation.
If the nomenclature of his plugin were to be altered to a more general designation and, coincidentally, it were to function compatibly with this specific brand, the outcome remains uncertain.

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Remarkable synchronicity.

The free tier of the service allows for a maximum of 300 calls per month, with a daily limit of 10 calls.

Even in the scenario when the user incurs a cost of -600 calls per month.

The capability of the system is more limited in comparison to the integration offered by Home Assistant.

Mazda's actions may be considered disreputable, in my opinion.

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Regrettably, the individual responsible for maintenance lacks the necessary resources to engage in this particular conflict. I have sent an email to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) inquiring about the possibility of receiving legal support. Although the outcome is uncertain, it is worth making an attempt.

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