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2015 E250 coupe equipped with a 2.1 diesel engine. Smoke emission while engine is under high throttle


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Hello everyone,
I am seeking assistance as I have been attempting to resolve this issue for a period of two weeks.
My automobile did not pass its MOT due to pollution. A little puff of smoke is emitted when the tester revs the engine forcefully.

I lack illumination. No codes are permitted as a result.
The DPF indicates a 28% fill level with 0 ash and 0 soot.
The performance is flawless. I have not experienced any decrease in power; she flies! I typically get 45 to 50 miles per gallon during the last four years.

2 oil changes, a full tank of V-power, an engine clean, and a decarbonisation.
When removing the silver tubing connecting the EGR to the intake near the throttle to clean it, I discovered that one of the nuts was loose. The pipe was coated with moist debris. Removed and cleaned all components before reassembling with new gaskets. No change.

I have been informed that the issue may be attributed to either an injector leak or a boost leak. Would it trigger a diagnostic trouble code or result in decreased fuel efficiency?

I am planning to have a leak down test performed on the injectors, but this particular issue is really perplexing me!

Has anybody experienced anything similar?
Thank you

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Thank you for your assistance.
It is black. Merely seeing from within the vehicle is insufficient; I need someone to press the pedal while I view from the rear.
Additionally, there is no loss of coolant or oil. Or at least not much noticeable during my annual servicing (8k > 10k miles each year).

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The issue with my vehicle was a boost leak caused by a minor crack in the line between the intercooler and the intake manifold. No fault codes were generated by this. I would not have been aware of it if the back bumper had not begun to grow muddy around the exhaust. There was no apparent hissing noise when the hood was open until my son revved the engine while underneath the vehicle, revealing a minor 2-inch crack that expanded with increased boost pressures.

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Scrubbed the 2 pipes thoroughly. Twisted them around but found no fractures.
Removed the rust and reinstalled.
The intercooler shows no apparent damage and continues to emit smoke with wide-open throttle.
Require the rain to cease so I can examine the throttle side of the pipes while someone presses the pedal.

Would observing for any disruptions after coating the area with chalk or talcum powder be effective?

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