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Diesel fuel leaking from exhaust joint at FBH.

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Hello everyone.

I have been attempting to address an intermittent problem with the fbh, where it sometimes activates and other times does not.

ACM-Audio System

Error code U0166-00 indicates a loss of communication with the auxiliary heating control module.

AHCM stands for Auxilary Heater Control Module.

Code B1D31-94 indicates that a flame was detected before the system started operating normally due to a component failure leading to unexpected operation.

While experimenting, I saw diesel leaking from the exhaust on the FBH where the exhaust port connects to the concertina exhaust pipe and trickling onto the inner wing.

Has anybody else seen this issue, and is there a solution available? I presume the lack of leakage occurs while the heater is priming, since there are no leaks when it is operational.

Thank you

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After the strip down and clean up over the weekend, the fbh has been functioning perfectly with little smoke for the last several days, which is an improvement from previously.

To determine the source of the metallic scraping noise as I accelerate, it seems like something is grinding on either a brake shield or one of the metal coverings below the vehicle. It might also be due to a loose rear prop centre bearing.

Thank you

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