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Greetings, everyone.

It has been a while since I last blogged. It is a positive indication when you have very few grievances to express.

The vehicle has performed well, with occasional small issues. Nevertheless, the entire experience is excellent. My current vehicle, the 4.8i, is far superior than my prior one.

The signs of ageing are becoming evident, and I plan to send it to a friend's business in the near future to have both the bodywork and interior restored. The overall aesthetics of the E70 are remarkable, with LED headlights, new rims, tyres, and maybe an airlift suspension on d2 struts, which is scheduled for implementation around February.

Since my buddy in his GLC63s was somewhat ahead, I have been considering the need of mechanical repairs and improvements for the vehicle.

I have been closely observing the m539 repairs, led by the esteemed figure Sreten, whom some consider to be a divine entity. I am particularly enamoured with the meticulous craftsmanship shown in the restoration of the engine of the m3 e92 model.

The fundamentals are straightforward; get sturdy downpipes, apply a song, and you are ready to go. Nevertheless, I would want to take an additional measure to ensure that the engine remains functional and relevant in the future. I would want to replace the pistons, camshafts and do a complete overhaul of the gearbox.

It should be noted that the automobile is immobile. I want to retain possession of it for as long as possible, since it serves as my primary mode of transportation and has shown exceptional resilience in withstanding the intense heat of the desert. I often go on long-distance journeys to neighbouring nations, enduring drives of over 10 hours, while staying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The somewhat little but apparently costly matters that I would appreciate some guidance on are as follows:

1. The automobile rapidly consumes spark plugs. Black smoke is likely to occur every 6 months. Initially, I believed that the problem was with my injectors. However, after replacing almost all of them, the issue persists and resurfaces again. The potential cause of the problem might be the burble tune. If necessary, I will replace the pistons with higher-grade and higher-quality ones, and the new tune will address this issue.

2. The gear selector fails to return to its original position when the automobile is shifted into Park. Uncertain about the feasibility of resolving this problem using do-it-yourself methods; I have not yet conducted any study on the matter.

3. I had a "fuel pump" problem when driving at a low pace recently. Is there a superior alternative to the BMW original or OEM?

4. I need new tyres and brake discs. I am considering the f85 configuration. What is the rating for that?

5. If anybody can provide guidance on the required replacements for bushings, links, and other components to improve ride quality, I would really appreciate it. I would want to avoid buying superfluous or low-quality materials, so any advice beforehand would be valuable. There is an audible disturbance while steering when the vehicle transitions from reverse (R) to drive (D) for an unknown cause.

6. Optimal gearbox overhaul, including replacement of fluids, solenoids, and other components. The functionality is generally satisfactory, however I have seen a little decrease in the speed of the transition between settings on the PRND switch compared to my previous experience.

I would really appreciate any more guidance on optimising performance and ensuring long-term viability.

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The most effective method of ensuring the S63 remains relevant and adaptable in the future is:

1) Maintaining the original configuration
2) Utilising the optimal high-octane gasoline 3) Ensuring the cleanliness of fuel injectors
4) Maintaining the driveline fluids
5) Disassembling the posterior engine cover in the hot season

Regrettably, BMW has manufactured all M vehicles to possess a high level of durability and resilience. Avoid excessive ambition for authority. The SUV is already functioning at a high level. If you have a genuine need for more capacity, I recommend acquiring an M5. I own a completely unmodified 2010 E71 X6M with 160,000 miles on it. The engine and gearbox are both original.

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I agree with your list, however I have not yet taken the effort to remove the back cover.

The 2013 X6M has been well cared for, with just 124,000 kilometres (or 770,000 miles) driven. The vehicle still has its original coil packs and is on its second set of spark plugs. Additionally, the oil has been changed every 6,000 miles.
My partner is astonished that I have managed to retain it for such a lengthy period of time.

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It is desirable that you have access to a reputable independent business.

Considering your emphasis on future proofing, I assume you have purchased a car that seems to be of high quality.However, I would recommend not listening to the song, particularly considering your current location...

Those of us who now drive automobiles that are 10 or more years old likely performed preventive maintenance but may have neglected the tuning process.

The results may differ depending on individual circumstances....

Wishing you success with your automobile...

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I continue to drive it throughout the whole year. However, I have not embarked on any extended journeys recently.Given the current pace of 4000 miles per year, it will take me a considerable amount of time to reach 100,000 miles.

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Is this referring to the elongated silver heat shield coverings that are placed over the downpipes and used to protect the turbos?

What is your opinion on turbo blankets?

I have acquired turbo blankets, heat shield wrap measuring 1 inch and 2 inches, and want to envelop my exhaust headers, downpipes, and any other components that can be wrapped. Is it advisable to fully eliminate the heat shields?

What are your candid opinions? Do you believe that the head wrap and turbo blankets will provide enough or superior protection compared to the original head shields?

I have come across information suggesting that the removal of the standard catalytic converters may effectively reduce heat levels.

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I also contemplated the use of Turbo blankets. Nevertheless, the task of wrapping them is quite laborious and inconvenient. Removing the rear engine cover significantly reduces the temperature of the S63 by expelling heat.

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I saw many more constructions in which each turbo had a separate blanket wrapped over it. However, using PTP, I can demonstrate that the 2010-2012 e7x model includes a single, bigger throw blanket. Does anybody know the specific listing or component number for the individual turbo that is form fitted rather than rolled around?


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