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Queries about Carbon Buckets and other miscellaneous interior matters.

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I have a strong preference for a certain bucket seat manufactured by Sparco for the Gen 2.

However, I am not aware of any merchants in this location that are authorised Sparco Dealers. Alternatively, it would be more advantageous if the product were only available via Sparco. Implying that I am eligible for a substantial reduction in price for a set of bucket seats.

Furthermore, I have concerns about the passenger airbag light and performance after replacing the seats. Is the airbag still operational or does it need to be bypassed? The loss of the speakers in the headrest is of little concern to me, since I will be installing a comprehensive bespoke audio system.

Sound system:

I want to install a single 8-inch or 10-inch subwoofer using simply a monaural amplifier. In order to avoid dominating the factory midrange and high-frequency speakers, I need to adjust my audio setup accordingly. I replicated the same configuration in both my SQ5 and SQ8 vehicles, which included the removal of the original subwoofer. The resulting audio quality is really pleasing.
When it comes to the R8, the most reliable option is to put the subwoofer directly on the rear shelf. However, I am now exploring other possible positions.

Has anybody successfully placed a downward-facing subwoofer in their Audi R8? Could you please provide the specific position of the factory sub beneath the passenger side dash?

Q2: Is there sufficient space on the rear shelf to install a subwoofer in a recessed manner on the bottom section of the wall behind the seats? Is there metal concealed under the carpets in that location?

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The answer to your question depends on the specific sub you want to use. Shallow submarines are very advantageous in this location owing to limited space availability. However, genuine subwoofers need the presence of both the cubes and the magnet in order to produce a strong impact. What specific levels are you aiming to achieve?

In my primary display area at home, I have two 21-inch, two 18-inch, and four 15-inch speakers, indicating my preference for low frequency sounds. The R8 is a challenging environment to generate high-quality sound below 30Hz.

Indeed, if you substitute the seats, it will be necessary to disable the passenger air bag. Resistors are used to do this task in a straightforward manner.

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I will purchase a single JL Audio 10W6-D4 speaker since I have used it in my previous vehicles and have a strong affinity for its performance. In addition to a JL VX600x1 and VX800x8 for the inside, I will be retaining the standard interiors for the time being.

Regarding the seats, is the airbag in the passenger seat now deactivated? Excluding the airbag located on the passenger side of the dashboard.

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What is your opinion on the Sparco Sportster SPX seats? What I most like about them is their carbon fibre shell, reclining feature, and the stitching that perfectly complements my décor. The alcatera centres and the simple, beautiful design provide a timeless touch. Furthermore, I have the ability to eliminate the outdated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) diamond stitched sport seats.

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