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Optimal Tyres for Poor Road Conditions and Compatibility Concerns

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I own a 2010 x5 E70 diesel engine with 20-inch wheels. It is acknowledged that the vehicle has the capacity to take tyres of varying sizes. I need guidance on the optimal options to acquire, given my residence in a region characterised by poor topography and concrete roadways that often exhibit fissures and descend several inches to the ground (resulting in severe scraping, which is inevitable). Presently, my car is equipped with 275/40 R20 tyres on the front and 315/35 R20 tyres on the rear. However, the vehicle also utilises 275/45 R20 tyres on the front and 305/40 R20 tyres on the rear. I presume that the latter would be more suitable for my needs since it has a wider diameter and a higher profile. Are these tyres interchangeable, since I also own a spare tyre with the specifications 275/45 R20? Uncertain on the course of action, I would really value any guidance. If I were to replace one of the front tyres with the spare tyre I have (275/45 R20) or if I were to have two 275/45 R20 tyres in the front (which I presume correspond to the other rear sizes) while leaving the 315/35 R20 tyre on the back, it is likely that the drivetrain would experience strain. If I were to get tyres with rims that are more internally positioned and safeguarded, I have observed this feature on other automobiles.

Thank you and best regards,

PS: Additionally, I have contemplated the possibility of replacing the run-flat tyres. Any suggestions in this regard would be appreciated, although it may need the purchase of new rims.


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To mitigate the impact of bumps, I would consider reducing the wheel size by one or two and opting for BF Goodrich with a higher wall size. BFG Both All Terrain and Trail Terrain.

Previously, I used BFG All Terrains on my Disco until it transitioned completely to off-road capabilities... Then Toyo MT.. ;

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I am seeking assistance from a someone with expertise. I am aware that some 20-inch tyres provide enhanced protection for the rims, since they are more recessed and projecting, resulting in less damage to the rims. I have seen similar rim designs on other 20-inch tyres. I lack knowledge on the many metrics and the specific size required to do this. Instead of purchasing new rims, I prefer to get standard tyres that are compatible with my existing rims, namely those with a bigger wall diameter compared to the present rims (275/40 R20 for the front and 315/35 R20 for the rear). Do you have any suggestions for tyres (except flat tyres) that might do this? If the rims are not run flats, would it be necessary to use other rims?

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