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Cylinder Deactivation Issue

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Last autumn, we assisted our daughter in purchasing her first brand-new vehicle, a 2023 CX-30 Carbon Edition. Although I have never owned a new automobile before, I used my extensive lifetime of knowledge to assist her in successfully finalising a favourable agreement. We declined the first prototype of this device that was presented to us for a trial run. The windscreen was faulty and had a lens effect that caused distortion in a specific location, affecting visibility.

We carefully examined the second option that was presented to us. We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of it under various driving circumstances. The automobile was in excellent condition, we successfully completed the transaction, and my daughter will be driving it home.

She used the automobile on a regular basis and it is functioning well. I am happy that I no longer have to troubleshoot her automobile.

After a certain period of time, maybe about 400 miles, she contacts me expressing her worry about what she has been witnessing. While travelling at modest speeds, approximately in the range of 40-50 miles per hour, with mild pressure on the accelerator, the driver has seen a noticeable and abrupt jerking or jolting sensation. This is significant enough that while driving at night, the headlight beam pattern may be observed rapidly tilting downwards and then returning to its original position. During these instances of hiccups, the tachometer needle experiences a little decrease in position followed by an instant return to its original position. Furthermore, there are instances when she is working in such circumstances and experiences a consistent vibration that can be felt, such as via the soles of your feet on the floor.

We were apprehensive, so she brought it to the dealership. Indeed, they claim to be oblivious to any abnormalities. Commence in-depth talks, engage with various shop personnel, and do further test drives. They continue to assert that there is nothing worth observing.

Upon doing more study, we, as customers, have come to the realisation that this automobile is equipped with the infamous feature of CYLINDER DEACTIVATION. The dealership failed to mention this at any point. Indeed, they have reintroduced it. We possess further Mazda expertise and have seen instances of cylinder deactivation issues in previous versions. Despite previous concerns, the issue has resurfaced once again.

The deactivation is undoubtedly linked to the cylinder function, as shown by the display screen.

The automobile has been heavily used, accumulating over 8,000 km, however its condition has not improved. The dealer is making empty promises as usual, but taking no action. As someone with expertise in technology and mechanics, I am collecting information in order to prevent this issue from escalating further.

Is there anybody else facing a similar conundrum?

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I am of the opinion that this subject has been previously discussed. I cannot remember whether there was any information in the discussion that might be useful. Conduct a search on the forum and see if any results appear.

Although my vehicle's year and trim are equipped with a CD feature, I have not experienced any of the stated symptoms and I have never checked the display to see whether it is on while driving.

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The issues related to CDs have been thoroughly examined in previous years. I have thoroughly examined and acquired knowledge on these subjects. Mazda temporarily discontinued the use of CDs in their recent history. I am seeking information on the latest iteration of the CD manufacturing, particularly with regards to its reintroduction in 2023.

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Several discussions have arisen over the lurching feelings experienced during the engagement and disengagement of cylinder deactivation in the Mazda CX-30, which was reintroduced in the 2023 model year. For many individuals, it seems to be a problem, while others claim that it operates smoothly and they are unable to perceive any tactile indication of when it activates or deactivates. Uncertain on what to believe.

When I bought my CX-30 CE in early 2022, some of the main factors that influenced my decision were the absence of cylinder-deactivation, iStop (start/stop) feature, a belt/chain design CVT gearbox and a turbo engine. In my opinion, the 2022 model-year CX-30 non-turbo seemed to be the ideal purchasing opportunity for the car.

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The situation has the potential to deteriorate further. In 2020, my vehicle belongs to a category of cars that are prone to developing a damaged cylinder head. Anticipating its occurrence during the next year, while my power train warranty is still in effect, with a sense of frustration.

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