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Since Mazda's new vehicle hasn't been given its own subforum here yet, I figured I'd make one. The Mazda MX-30 will initially only be available in California and solely as an electric vehicle (a plug-in hybrid with a rotary range extender is said to be coming later). The MX-30 is offered in electric and mild hybrid forms powered by Mazda's in-house 2.0-liter Skyactiv engine in its native nation of Japan.

Some highlights are as follows:

    Creditable by the federal government
    Plug-in hybrid version with 100-mile range and starting MSRP of $33,470 (for the EV) and rear clamshell doors (like the RX-8) rumored to arrive in the U.S. later

The MX-30 is the better-looking of the two, but I wish the mild hybrid variant had been available at launch in the United States. How do you feel about the MX-30?


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I've requested that the higher-ups include an MX-30 part.

The mild hybrid skyactiv MX-30 has been available in Australia for a few months, and the fully electric vehicle has been here for about two.

One night, I brought the electric one inside my apartment. They feature a noise generator to make it seem like an engine is revving as you accelerate. Excited awaiting the arrival of the version with a rotary engine.

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This is quite disappointing. Automakers that enter the EV market later cannot afford to make any mistakes. If low-quality goods are released, the whole electric vehicle industry will look bad. Customers will spread negative word-of-mouth about EVs in general, saying things like "I paid a lot of money for a horrible experience."
In my humble view.

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