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Presence of moisture or condensation in the rear tail lights.

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Greetings everyone, I purchased my R8 two years ago and have recently had malfunctions with the rear brake lights. Upon inspection, I have seen the presence of moisture or condensation within the object after rainfall.


I brought my car to Audi, and they recommended that I replace the lights. This replacement would amount to a total cost of £3,684.

I own an Audi extended warranty; however, I have been informed that the warranty team is now awaiting a response to determine if my coverage will be approved.
Has anybody else seen this issue with the taillights? Will I be required to pay over 3,000 dollars alone for the replacement of my rear brake lights?

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I encountered the same problem. The price mentioned here was far more than that. Regarding the replacement, Audi said that they would cover the cost for one item, not two, since one of them had a little crack (which seems dubious to me). I proceeded on as I wanted to get my automobile. Now, they should have incurred payment for both items, even if only one was impacted. What is the reason for this? Due to the change in component number, the new one has a distinct reverse light. Consequently, the automobile would seem peculiar with dissimilar tail lights.

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Occasionally, the lights on my 2023 R8 resemble that appearance after a vehicle wash. I have not encountered any caution lights so far. They desiccate rapidly. Every instance I have seen the hazy moisture in the illumination, it has dissipated by the subsequent occasion I inspect the vehicle.

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Indeed, this issue can be classified as a manufacturer fault with a high certainty, and it is likely the most prevalent error observed in the second generation R8 model.

The item in question should be replaced since it falls within the warranty agreement.

Last fall, I had my left light replaced under warranty. However, after about one month of real road usage, the replacement bulb failed due to humidity and a dashboard error. Currently, the light is experiencing a problem and is only partially illuminating.

In addition, the rear light of my prior generation 2 R8 malfunctioned shortly after purchasing the vehicle second-hand. I replaced it myself and it failed again about one year later. Subsequently, the other side also had a failure.

Overall, I have had a total of 5 faulty rear taillights on the R8. These lights are of poor quality and can be described as substandard. 🙄🤬

In addition, I am acquainted with another individual in Estonia who had the same issue.

 Regarding cracked light: Yes, my previous second-generation R8 also had cracks in both of its lights. More precisely, the lower section. I hypothesise that they develop microscopic fractures which ultimately progress into noticeable fissures.

These lights should be completely free of moisture if they are defect-free. My right side does not experience any condensation initially, even after getting new ones. However, after many months of usage, condensation unexpectedly appeared.

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A few years back, I had the failure of both tail lights on my first-generation vehicle. I remember that the cost to repair it was more than 2,000 dollars each lamp, but fidelity insurance covered the expenses.

Condensation in the tail light is analogous to having a tear in your seat trousers while walking. Humiliating.

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