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Problems with remote control or key fob

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For the last 7 months, I have been encountering persistent issues with the key of my PHEV Preferred vehicle, which have been occurring intermittently over this period.
Approximately one month ago, I availed myself of the gratis service provided by the dealership and expressed my concerns regarding these difficulties. Unfortunately, none of the issues were resolved, and it is possible that they have even worsened.
(I have a faint recollection of discussing it on this topic, but I am unable to locate my post)

The following are the challenges I encounter:
On a notable portion of occasions, I approach the driver's door and attempt to open it, but it does not unlock as expected from closeness and contacting the inside of the handle.
In such instances, the process may succeed after many attempts, but often necessitates my retrieving the key from my pocket (which may be particularly bothersome if I am carrying items) and pressing the unlock button on the key. Moreover, I often have to push the button numerous times before it functions properly.
Occasionally, after successfully unlocking the vehicle using any method, I attempt to activate the engine by pressing the start button, only to get a notification indicating that the key is not recognised.
Occasionally, repeatedly pushing the button may ultimately be successful, however there are instances when it may not work. On one occasion, I received a prompt to place the key fob against the start button, so I even use that method without receiving the prompt, and eventually, it proves effective.
I have activated the walk-away locking feature, however its functionality is inconsistent and unreliable.
When the system functions properly, I perceive a solitary auditory signal upon exiting the vehicle, followed by an automatic locking mechanism activation after about 30 seconds. However, on several occasions, I do not perceive the first auditory signal, and sometimes, I do hear the initial signal but the locking mechanism fails to engage.
In such instances, I am once again required to extract my key from my pocket and activate the locking mechanism. However, it is worth noting that the locking mechanism seldom functions well on the first attempt. Typically, I find myself having to push it between 5 to 8 times before it engages.
On a recent occasion, it took around 15 attempts until the vehicle was successfully secured.
There have been instances when my vehicle unexpectedly displayed the message 'key not recognised' and emitted a continuous chime while it was running. Despite finding this noise irritating, I chose to ignore it and continued driving. Fortunately, the issue resolved itself after around 20-30 seconds.

I have attempted to use both of my keys, and I have had the same problems with both. Although I have not attempted to replace the batteries in the keys, I do not believe that is the cause of the troubles, particularly considering the recent service I had, during which I expect they would have checked for that. (I informed them about all of these problems, and they instructed me to bring in both keys for reprogramming).

Are there any other individuals encountering this problem in any manner?

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I have reservations about the possibility that the key fob batteries are the cause. Both of our key fobs are functioning well, and the vehicle's manufacturing date is January 2023. The car has been driven for a total of 12,900 kilometres. It seems that you may have inadvertently activated the 'battery saving' option on the fobs by hitting numerous buttons. Examine this and see whether you are able to reset it:


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Thank you for providing this, however I do not believe that is the underlying problem.
If I had inadvertently activated power saving mode due to excessive button pushing, I would have entered and exited it several times.
I have only encountered the 'touch key fob to start button' warning on rare occasions, rather than on a regular basis.
Furthermore, how can I ascertain if I am in a state of BSM, given that the means of entering and exiting it are identical?

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Additionally, during the vehicle's servicing, it was brought to my attention that the wifi android auto adapter I had installed may be the source of the problems. There is a hypothesis that any USB device connected to the car might potentially be causing the troubles.
Subsequently, I disconnected it, but the problems persisted. Since then, I have hardly used it and I consistently disconnect it when the automobile is not in operation.

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I recommend beginning by installing a brand new battery and testing its functionality. It is the most affordable and convenient choice.
I question if your dealer would have verified the battery voltage on the fob or carried out any replacements.

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I have previously changed the battery when my device began experiencing similar problems. While I was travelling, I was concerned, but the batters proved to be effective.

Furthermore, the age of the batteries remains uncertain.

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I adhered to the directions in an attempt to get the key from BSM, in case it was located there. I refrained from driving until this morning, when it was indeed found in BSM. Extracting the key proved to be a significant challenge, but after persevering, I was ultimately successful.
Despite my repeated attempts to push the lock button four times, the corresponding indicator light failed to illuminate. Undeterred, I proceeded to hold down the button, but no response was elicited, save for the perplexed onlookers who were left wondering why my vehicle was emitting several beeps and flashes.

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