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Vito alloy wheel installation

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I am seeking guidance about the selection of wheels for my just obtained Vito. The item in question is a 2017 model with a serial number of 447.
I have discovered a set of wheels that I find aesthetically appealing, which originally belong to a vehicle of the E class. The load rating is sufficient, however I am facing difficulties mostly with the offset and fitting.

The wheels have a size of 19x8 with an offset of et43 for the front, and a size of 19x9 with an offset of et49 for the rear.

Is it permissible to install a staggered wheel configuration like this on the Vito, and would these offsets and widths be appropriate?

I would much appreciate any assistance.
Thank you.

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Use this platform to interactively visualise clearances and other related data.
Calculator for fitting alloy wheels and tyres. Offset, Tyre Stretch, and Speedometer Error: Can they be compatible?
I must express my astonishment at the fact that an E Class wheel has a weight rating that is deemed appropriate for a Vito. This is somewhat unexpected, either Vito vehicles are constructed with a notably lightweight design or E Classes are exceptionally hefty.

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Are the bolt diameter and PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) of an E Class rim suitable for a Vito? Based on my observation, the typical offset for a W447 is ET52.

Ensure that you are able to get tyres of the specified dimensions that possess a load rating that is sufficiently high for the maximum gross weight (MGW). In order to ensure accurate readings on the speedometer and odometer, it is essential to have a rolling radius that corresponds to the Vito's original configuration.

Additionally, it is advisable to verify your insurance policy since many insurance companies only provide coverage for vans equipped with standard or factory option wheels, and in rare cases, they may not even cover the latter.

To be honest, it would be more advantageous for you to choose a product that is especially tailored for the W447, such as...

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