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Whirring W211 rearview mirror at 30 mph


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Hi everyone - this is a weird one; it's not really an issue, but I just can't figure it out.

Three to twelve fast clicks or taps come from the passenger door mirror every time I start the vehicle and drive away for the first time, at speeds more than 30 miles per hour. The reflection in the mirror seems immobile.

Do not listen to it again until I reach 30 mph after turning the engine back on, regardless of how long the trip is or how fast I am going.

Do you happen to know what it is? If it's simple to remedy, I will, but if not, consider it a quirk of the vehicle.

2003 S211 E320

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It's a long shot, but I think there's a setting where the mirror automatically dips when you pick reverse. This way, you can see the kerb. When you start moving forward again, it returns to its regular position, but I'm not certain it waits until 30 mph.
In any case, if my dementia isn't playing tricks on me and the dipping feature isn't available on the S211, the clicking may be the mirror attempting to shift itself back into its regular position, even though it's already in its normal position. If the mirror motor attempts to move the mirror after the mirror has reached its physical "moveability" limit, it will make a clicking sound.
Check to see if you have the option to reverse autodip; if you do, pick it and see if the clicking stops.

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The identical clicking sound has been emanating from the passenger side mirror of my S211 as of late. It wasn't until it stopped folding correctly that I even realized anything was wrong. It can still be folded, but only with the assistance of a kind traveler.

I didn't realize the clicking started at 30 mph, but I double-checked today and you're right. Astute observation.

The glass tilting mechanism isn't to blame since I can move it and strike the end stops without hearing the same noise. The noise you hear is most likely the folding mechanism at work.

I was wondering if you folded your mirrors before setting out whether they would automatically unfold once you reached 30 mph.

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