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The P6b ignition switch is being really difficult.
Input the key and the automobile will immediately start firing.
As soon as I take my finger off the key, the engine will stop.
Keeping her energized after I release the key requires a much longer period of complete contact.
According to a Google search, only professional WD40
I was wondering whether the switch had been packed. A squirt of WD40 Fast Drying Contact Cleaner inside the key barrel could solve the issue.
I don't want to accidentally spray WD40 Fast Drying Contact Cleaner where it doesn't belong.
Perhaps someone here knows of a solution to this issue that I have missed.

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Hello, putting it in the barrel won't do much good; instead, put it in the rear switch area, where the electrical connections are. However, are you certain that the malfunctioning component is the switch or the mechanical components of the barrel? To figure out which portion is stuck, you may try removing the switch from one end and testing it that way.

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I cant seem to put my finger on the issue.
Having to physically keep the key in the "start" position without letting go too soon gives the experience a mechanical quality.
It works sometimes, but other times she dies.
I figured I'd start with the simplest option, so I bought some Fast Drying Contact Cleaner. I was hesitant to use WD40 for fear of making matters worse.
I agree with you that it would be best to eliminate the back switch panel.


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It has been reported that WD40 contact cleaner works well and dries without leaving any dust-attracting residue.
However, in my annoyance, I squirted some liquid into the barrel.
Short-term gain: I'm glad that it begins reliably on the key without any more forward push.
Time will tell, I suppose, so stay tuned to this site in case I'm incorrect.

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