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The phenomenon of discoloration occurring on the surface of automotive bodywork


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Greetings, everyone,

Earlier today, I saw a substance like baked tar on the surface of my vehicle's bonnet. I successfully eliminated the substance; nevertheless, this action has resulted in the discoloration of the paint layer underneath. Are there any potential strategies to refine or address this issue?

Thank you for your response.


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Thank you for the responses.

I have not previously engaged in the act of polishing my vehicle. Therefore, could you kindly provide a recommendation for a dual-action (DA) polishing machine? As the prices exhibit variability.

Furthermore, in the process of polishing, would it be necessary to polish the whole bonnet in order to achieve consistency throughout the panel? I am inquiring if a polished spot would be visible or whether the polishing process is sufficiently gentle as to render the presence of a polished spot imperceptible.

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It is plausible to surmise that the discoloration seen is not inherent to the paint itself, but rather attributable to a substance present on the surface of the clear coat. Have you tried manual polishing using a polishing compound and an applicator pad? It might perhaps suffice, particularly in cases where one lacks prior experience with a dual action polisher. I personally engage in the manual process of cleaning and maintaining my whole automobile. Additionally, I have used Koch Chemie FSE as a potential solution for water marks, which may be worth considering.

I have used the Turtle Wax Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax, specifically formulated for black automobiles, as a means of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of my vehicle. However, it is worth noting that the Autoglym Super Resin Polish also has commendable qualities in this regard. To achieve a polished finish, it is recommended to apply the polishing treatment to the whole surface of the bonnet. Additionally, it is important to ensure the application of a wax or other sealer to effectively seal the polished surface. I am using the Turtle Wax Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax spray, which has a high level of user-friendliness throughout the application process.

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It is recommended to start the cleaning process by thoroughly washing the bonnet. To do this, it is advisable to use a clay mitt along with a enough amount of snowfoam to effectively eliminate any accumulated residue or debris. Subsequently, rinsing the bonnet is essential, followed by towel drying. To further enhance the bonnet's appearance, it is suggested to manually apply a product such as Koch Chemie P6.01. This should be done by evenly distributing the product throughout the whole surface of the bonnet, followed by buffing. It is advisable to assess the outcome of the aforementioned situation prior to considering the formulation of a detailed plan of action, such as a defense attorney's involvement.

One of my acquaintances is a professional detailer who has a collection of dual-action polishers, including several models from Rupes, amounting to hundreds of pounds in value. However, for smaller maintenance tasks, he utilizes a particular polisher, which I also acquired and have found to be quite reliable.

The provided link directs to an Amazon UK webpage featuring a selection of polishers.

I have not yet used it on my F31 vehicle, since it necessitates a visit to the body shop for the purpose of refreshing the front end, which has been subjected to several stone chips, and also to have the back bumper repainted.

However, it significantly enhanced the performance of my prior vehicle, the Azurite Black F01 730D.


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