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Would the gentleman like the colour option of orthopaedic grey or early-90s IBM beige for his luxury dream automobile priced at over £100,000?

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While taking a stroll this morning, I couldn't help but wonder whether our nation is the only place that values these two really uninteresting and fashionable hues. 🤔
Are the owners of these pricey automobiles deliberately selecting boring hues, despite their high cost?
Personal preferences vary, I guess!
I abstain from making any more remarks.
Experience pleasure or take pleasure in.

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However, the current trend of using a dull grey shade on automobile exteriors, like the colour of an unfinished Airfix kit, gives the impression that the car has just been primed and not properly painted. This aesthetic is unpleasant. The situation exacerbates when individuals choose the matte finish variant of the Airfix hue. However, colour preference is subjective and there is no definitive right or wrong choice. I have a strong affinity for the elegant and sophisticated shades of grey metallic gunmetal hues. I have not seen any automobiles that I would categorise as a genuine beige hue.

The primer grey colour is unattractive and lacks depth.

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The cost is comprehensible, but, it seems that the range of hues available in the UK is more limited.

Is it due to the production of automobiles specifically designed for "stock" or "management" purposes?

Indeed, I am aware that I have selected Hyacinth as my choice. Intentionally.

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