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Seeking input from current proprietors

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Greetings to all M6/M5 owners.

I am now looking to purchase an exhaust system for my M6. I would appreciate it if anybody who has experience with this particular exhaust system from eBay could provide their comments.




It seems that the vendor is located in the United Kingdom.

Thank you

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I lack familiarity with the item mentioned, but I am wary about Ebay.

This is one that has captured my attention. A complete titanium construction with carbon fibre tips is available for purchase at a price of $5,000. Alternatively, stainless steel is available for a price of $4,000. It is likely that contacting them directly and negotiating might result in obtaining a more favourable pricing.



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The one shared by the original poster (OP) is manufactured by the Topgear brand. I own their whole exhaust system, extending from the downpipe to the rear, and it exhibits commendable quality. The automobile has had it installed for a duration of three years without any grievances. The item was fitted at the factory and the stainless steel material remains in pristine condition. Regarding the sound, it significantly enhances the exhaust note and produces a deep and resonant sound when the valves are open. Without being too boisterous. Regrettably, the price has significantly increased, since I originally spent about £2050 (~$2500 at the time) for the whole system.

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I appreciate everyone's opinion. I have examined several exhaust choices available, but I am not quite persuaded that I need spend at least $5,000 for a satisfactory configuration. That is why I am asking this issue.

The current list I have is:
Eisnemann mufflers provide a sport variant that prevents excessive noise, but lacks a valve and chrome tips.
Financial Institution Exhaust (appropriate) Valvetronic (appropriate)
The link provided above has mufflers available for purchase on eBay.

Desired, but outside the financial constraints for this project:

Akra and MP

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I own a complete set of XS Power downpipes, made entirely of stainless steel, with a diameter of 3/18 inches and wrapped. Additionally, I have a fully valved FI stainless steel exhaust system. It sounds really favourable in my perspective.

I own many films showcasing the engine revving in various setups, which might be used as points of reference.

The valves have been opened.

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