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Have any of you had a Carbon Clean procedure?


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Whom did you employ? What is the cost? Is it worth the effort or investment?


I am contemplating undergoing the procedure within the next months. I have seen a considerable number of individuals lately engaging in transactions on Facebook groups, whereby the typical mileage range of the vehicles being sold falls between 50,000 and 75,000 miles.


At now, the individual's salary is at 50,000 units.


Thank you for your response.

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I had my vehicle serviced at 42,000 miles. The overall appearance was not very unfavorable, to be honest. I have used the services of MRC for my automotive needs; but, in the future, I would likely go for a local garage that is more often frequented, since the aforementioned establishment does not possess a specialized focus in this domain. It is imperative to possess a proficient understanding of the subject matter, nevertheless, if one has adept skills in using the necessary instruments, it is feasible to do the task alone.




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In terms of the vehicle's condition, it is subjective and contingent upon the driving habits of both the current and prior owners.

The total cost of £1200 included the replacement of seals, adjustment of the map, and the allocation of time for dyno testing. The total cost for the work, including components, is £700.

Kent Automotive, located in Maidstone, is a prominent establishment in the automotive industry. I have developed a strong rapport with them, resulting in a deep understanding of my character and personality. Impressive group

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After taking the 8v pfl's swirl flap screws out and rethreading them, I installed the obsolete injectors.

Top and bottom intake manifold gaskets are an additional £25 (+VAT) apiece, in addition to the injectors (at £160 + VAT each).

The injector repair kit is included with the new injectors, so there's no need to buy one separately.

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