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The steering pulls to the left during acceleration and to the right during deceleration.


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I have an interesting problem: my 2002 R53 has started to pull to the left when I speed up and to the right when I slow down. There is a delay of about 0.5 to 1 second between applying power and pulling. At low speeds, the pull isn't as clear, but it's very clear above 60 km/h. It feels like torque steer, and the car has just started doing it.

I put the car on jack stands and there is no play in the steering, I can't see any worn bushings, and nothing is loose. I did notice a small leak in the power steering. It seems to be coming from the resovoir, but the fluid was wet on the sub frame.

A year ago, the car had a steering pump put in. I think it was used, since the previous owner did the work. All of the frame and engine mounts were changed at the same time.

It doesn't do it every time, which is strange, and a few times I've felt the pull even though the car wasn't moving.

The pump isn't making any noise. Do you have any ideas about what to check next?

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Just now, Gianni682 said:

I'll recheck the bushings, but I'm wondering if it could be the steering rack. I would have assumed shrubs would be present at any speed; it is strange that they are only visible above 50-60 km/h.

If you suspect a problem with your steering rack, try making gentle U-turns and letting the wheel "centre" itself when the turn is completed. Turn around numerous times in each direction. A faulty steering rack may be identified by a steering wheel that no longer returns to its original position when centred. (I used this test on another vehicle when I suspected (but the dealer service personnel insisted) a faulty steering rack; once the dealer recognised my diagnosis, they replaced the rack under warranty).

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