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Seeking advice on purchasing a Mercedes-Benz CLS priced below £5,000.

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Greetings, everyone, I would appreciate your combined thoughts and expertise on this, if possible. Thank you.

I am exploring the market for ULEZ compatible vehicles within a certain price, and the Mercedes-Benz CLS often appears in search results. I have seen many items listed for sale in the price range of £3,000 to £5,000, with some examples available here: Mercedes Benz Cls cars for under £5,000 available for sale on Desperate Seller.

When a car reaches the £5,000 price point, it usually falls between the 2006-2010 model years and has a mileage ranging from 70,000 to 140,000 km.

Are CLS automobiles in this price range better avoided owing to probable high maintenance costs as they age or accumulate mileage?

Are there any specific models that perform better at this age and mileage compared to others?

Seeking guidance or recommendations for a prospective Mercedes-Benz owner.

Thank you everybody, it's lovely to be here!

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Buyers are nevertheless eager to purchase older CLS55 models with more mileage for much higher prices than those vehicles.
I cannot provide insights on diesel engines since I have no experience with them. However, it is evident that vehicles with greater mileage will eventually need maintenance on suspension components and engine/transmission mounts if not previously addressed. Affordable for non-AMG models.

Seek a vehicle with a comprehensive service record from either an authorised dealer or a Mercedes expert. If feasible, get it inspected by an individual familiar with these vehicles.
There should be no illuminated amber or red engine warning lights after the automobile has been started. Avoid areas with plumes of smoke or noisy motors.
Ensure all electrical equipment are functioning properly, since repairs may be costly. Are you referring about lipped discs or low pads? An effective negotiating strategy to lower the price, but not a costly solution by any means.
I assume there are some favourable deals available in the ULEZ zone of London now. An opportune moment for purchasing.

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I would consider examining a W211 E class manufactured after 2006. Can accommodate five people instead of only four in the CLS and is more abundant.
An E240/280/320 petrol model would be suitable.
Verify its ULEZ compliance on this website before making a purchase.

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Currently, most of the high-quality Mercedes vehicles available in that price range are either diesel models that do not meet ULEZ (or clean air zone outside London) standards or have the potential to need significant financial investment. Best of luck in your hunt!

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