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Timing Chain Problem


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Hi Guys,

Sorry if you've already talked about this (from what I've seen, I think you have).  First of all, let's talk about the car.

Mazda 6 (2010) 2.2L Sport (Reg: L).  I'm the second person to own the car, and I've had it for about 3–4 years.  Mileage so far: 65925.

So, the DPF light began to flash last Sunday.  I took it to a local expert who will put it on the computer to see what the error code is.  Here are the results:

Code: P1336 Cam/Crank sensor problem; DPF levels are high; advised that the DPF isn't being cleaned because the timing chain is stretched.

They did the test for £90 and said that fixing it would cost more than £1400.  Some people also say it's an 18-hour job.  I only paid for the test.  Today, I took it to a different shop to get a second opinion because when I called a few people, I got different answers.

Just got a call from the second shop, which confirmed that the same problem code was given.  They went on to say that they are almost 90% sure that the timing chain needs to be replaced, but they would need to check the timing first.  That would set me back £216 plus VAT.
If they need to repair the chain, that and the other checks will cost me more than £1000.

When I told the Mazda shop what was wrong, they said they could fix it next Tuesday.  They would check again (for free), and the whole thing would cost me £1018.

I've been looking online and on this site, and I'm starting to have trouble figuring out what the problem is and how much I should expect to pay to fix it.

Need help? please?

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You've demonstrated a classic instance of Timing Chain Stretch.  Your Mazda dealer should be able to tell you if your vehicle has been inspected in accordance with the Timing Claim Recall, despite the fact that your vehicle is no longer under warranty.

My first step would be to investigate further. If the answer is no, I would ask Mazda why and what can be done to remedy the situation.
If so, the answer is significantly more costly. Due to the fact that you have received three estimates from three distinct individuals, the cost is likely to exceed £1000.


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Cheers.  I have just finished reviewing the vehicle's papers and service records, and there is no mention of a timing chain repair anywhere.

When did Mazda issue the timing chain recall, and where can I get documentation of this?  Is there any way to verify that this is true and that Mazda will provide a discount as a goodwill gesture?

Regarding the friendly overture, what exactly are we discussing?  Price reductions of at least £100 but up to £300?

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Even though these are extensive, they may be useful to you.   Please observe the dates of these posts and keep in mind that your vehicle was already three or four years old when this occurred.

If Mazda is able to assist you with a goodwill gesture. I do not believe they will offer more than 25%.

As stated previously, my first step would be to visit Mazda.   Possibly, the expression "recall" is deceptive. In fact, it was referred to as a "campaign" to examine chain strain. Mazda never really acknowledged that a "recall" was necessary. Consequently, it is not noted on the VOSA recall website.

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Just a reminder that you shouldn't drive the automobile with the chain stretched since it might break.

When this occurred to me, my dealer refused to give me the car back; fortunately, it was a corporate vehicle at the time, and yes, it costs £1000 to repair!!!!

I agree with the previous advise; urge Mazda to pay as much as they can to help lessen the impact.

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Thank you all.  Honestly, even the men at Mazda were stunned by the issue and said it never should have occurred.  There is no mention of a timing chain repair or service recall anywhere in the vehicle's documentation.  I believe it was never completed.

I'll take everything I've read about it here and see what they say.  (And I am not driving it because it is off the road).

Prior to this Mazda, I had three others, and none of them were so problematic.  In fact, I've never had a problem with any of them before this one.  I will definitely complete my assignments next time.  And I don't think my next vehicle will be a Mazda.

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As anticipated.  The timing chain must be replaced.  Do I let them do it and then complain about why it needed to be done in the first place, or do I get off their case?   I have already complained to them when I scheduled the appointment and received a free diagnostic test and a verbal agreement that I will not be charged more than £1000 for the work.   

I have already shelled out £100 for a hair car for the previous weekend.  Surely they should be aware of this type of problem, or at least if a service recall was issued due to this flaw.  The aforementioned dealer has been present for who knows how long.  before 2008 at minimum.

Apologies, the tirade is over.  I'll acquire my outerwear.


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Yes they should be  (and probably are ) aware of the Timing Chain Stretch issue. However as said earlier, it was never deemed to be a recall as such.  Therefore notification of the requirement was never posted out to owners. 
It was a "Campaign" during which the timing chain was checked for stretch and a software modification was flashed to the ECU which activated the engine management light (EML) should the chain stretch beyond acceptable limits.

It was a world wide event and every vehicle was supposedly checked the next time it was in a Mazda dealership.    Are you the first and only owner or was the car second hand ?  Maybe the previous owner (if there was one ) never took it to a Mazda dealership.

Three things to consider here. 


  • Did your car ever go into a Mazda dealership for servicing at any time from about 2009 onwards ? I'm afraid I'm unable to give an exact date
  • If the answer is yes, then it should have been checked and a record made of this fact
  • If the above was actually done then Mazda UK should have a record of this which is linked to your  VIN number

I don't know where this assists you in your quest for recompense, but the dealership are most certainly trying to avoid telling you the truth.
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