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Are Dealer Added Protections Worth It?

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Hello everyone,

I am about to purchase my 2023 Audi R8 RWD and have rejected most of the dealer's additional safeguards, save for the extended warranty. I am interested in learning about extra protective measures and if they are considered beneficial by those who have used them. The "Wear Protection" package costs $2500 and covers a duration of 4 years or 80,000 km. It includes 1 brake and rotor change, as well as battery and windscreen wiper replacements.

The sales associate informed me that the price for non-ceramic new brakes on a R8 is $15,000 CAD. I intend to monitor this automobile, and if that is the situation, it does seem to be worthwhile. Uncertain whether I am being deceived, pun intended.

Attached is a photo of their offerings.


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Purchase the extended warranty. Audi does not offer it for sale after you buy the vehicle (at least in the US).

Replacing the brake pads and rotors for $2500 CAD is a reasonable price provided you plan to monitor the process.

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This has fluctuated throughout the years. The Audi Pure Protection plan is usually exclusive to the first owner, however the eligibility criteria have changed from "at the time of purchase" to "before the original warranty expires." I purchased it from the dealer 3.5 years after owning it. If you want to retain the automobile for a longer period, it is advisable to consider purchasing an extended warranty since costs tend to increase with the vehicle's age and mileage. Compare the APP Platinum and Fidelity Platinum to see which one suits you best since both are excellent choices.

The brake/battery package from Audi for $2,500 seems to be a very worthwhile investment. You will not provide such services for less than $2,500. I usually decline most of these offers since, as others have said, they are usually designed to benefit the dealer more than you. If you can obtain a complete brake work (replacing discs and pads on all four sides) together with a battery replacement for $2,500, you should definitely accept that offer.

Finally, like @bavarianstance said, definitely use PPF. This is essential for normal road driving and especially necessary for tracking the automobile.

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In general, they are not worth the money. Indeed, they generate profit for the dealers. If you want to monitor the automobile often, then go with the purchase, as suggested by others. Ensure there are no hidden clauses regarding automobile tracking; if there are, reject the offer.

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