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Mazda, please fix the fact that every time you start the car, it says "return to track one."


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I bought my car in Oxford in March 2014, and this problem happens when I play music from a USB stick or my iPod through USB.  When you connect an iPod via USB, it takes a long time because every time you turn on the device, it gets all of the music.  The same goes for setting up an iPhone using Bluetooth.  Before you can make a call or listen to your music, you have to wait a while for it to download your phonebook and music.  The one good thing is that it doesn't always go back to track 1.

I called Mazda, but they didn't seem to care about the problem at all. I did ask if they were working on a software fix because I had read about it on this plus a US form.  They didn't know and didn't seem to think they did.

Overall, the entertainment system is terrible compared to what I've had in other cars.

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My new CX-5 arrived three weeks ago. I was used to an entertainment system that functioned flawlessly since I had previously had a Prius+. Even the voice control was functional. As expected, I was quite underwhelmed with the CX-5's infotainment system. It's a terrific vehicle to drive, but it's at best clumsy. The Bluetooth and USB would constantly start at the same track, and the USB would often crash. Unlike the Toyota, which started up in 2-3 seconds, USB took 5–10 minutes.

When I complained to the dealer, they ordered a new Bluetooth module. Though it took a few weeks to come, things are much better today. Now that Bluetooth and USB both resume where they left off, a few other things also function. The first music starts considerably more quickly, taking between 10 and 20 seconds through USB and a bit longer over Bluetooth. It takes a few minutes after the first track begins for you to switch tracks while they are loading, but at least the system is now functional. Since the module is on an exchange basis, I believe they are sent back to be updated and then delivered to the next client. The delay seems to be caused by the huge number of individuals having their systems addressed.

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Hi All,
I just recently become a CX-5 owner, having purchased a 2014 Sport Nav model.

I immediately learned that every time I began the vehicle, the audio system would start playing the very first file on my phone or the USB stick I had inserted.

Is my assumption that I can have this fixed at no cost by a Mazda dealership under warranty correct? I really hope so; else, I could go insane.  

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1 minute ago, johnnyb44 said:

That new bluetooth module phill104 said is exclusive to the updated version, I see. A punch to the gut!

It is unclear whether Alabbasi has a facelift model.
I would send him a private message, call Mazda customer service, or email them; if you contact them, be sure to include your registration number and possibly your VIN.

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