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I got a new Mondeo.


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I traded in my 2012 MK4 Titanium X for a 2017 Titanium, likewise a 2.0-liter gasoline automatic. I have a rather tight drive, and the MK5 is much simpler to manoeuvre into parking spaces than the MK4. The dissimilarity in bodily type probably makes it much simpler to switch directions. I'm relieved to find that the conventional auto box is just as seamless as the dual clutch in my last vehicle. When I switch to Sport mode and use the paddle shifters, I'm in heaven.

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Well done, sir. With the 6F35 gearbox, you'll be OK.
Yes, I used to like using the paddle to shift down in regular D mode rather to using kickdown or other methods. It seemed much more in control to flick the paddle while gradually raising the throttle at the same time, do a manoeuvre, and then gently back on the throttle till it dropped back into D aga

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This one is just 4 years old, and I got fortunate and got it for 161,000 miles. The garage got back to me shortly after I contacted them. Unlike the auto store, who ignored my three requests for information, this one really responded.

Upgrade to improved lighting is required. But I'm enjoying it tremendously so far.

Although I doubt I'll have driven more than 20,000 miles by next year, I believe it's a good idea to replace the gearbox fluid every 5,000 miles or so.

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Due to the issue that so much oil remains in the torque converter and the oil cooler, which contains less, you will likely need to change the oil three times in rapid succession for it to be cost-effective.
Officially, the 6F35 has no service requirements, but I concur with your assessment.
Yes, the standard H lights have been criticised, but legal-grade bulbs ought to assist.
I do not believe that changing a light bulb is a five-minute task, so invest in high-quality bulbs. The very finest

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