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The battery of the Mazda CX30 2021.

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I am contemplating purchasing a 2021 Mazda Cx30 due to my affinity for the vehicle. However, I have been apprehensive upon learning about battery issues and the frequent audible warnings indicating low battery levels. An incident occurred whereby I rented a vehicle and inadvertently left the doors open for around 10 minutes in order to wipe the glass. It may perhaps be attributed to its presence at the carshop, but I had a pleasant journey with it...
Perhaps the receipt of a warning, which does not need a trip to charge the battery, fails to alleviate your sense of insecurity, even if it is only a caution. The noise was rather loud, so if it occurs often, it might be quite bothersome.

Regarding your departure on a holiday and the act of pacing the vehicle, I find it time-consuming. Additionally, it would be inefficient for me to have to latch and lock the car every time.

Can the keyless feature be deactivated? The automobile has the capability to locate the key if it is in close proximity. I am also parking in close proximity to my home.

I have been informed that there has been an update, suggesting that the issue may no longer be significant.

I am interested in gaining insights about the current experiences of individuals regarding this matter in the year 2024. Is everything satisfactory?
Does the alert for low battery occur often, such as when the vehicle is stationary for the weekend without being driven?
Has anybody ever encountered a situation where the battery completely depleted?

Thank you.

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I own a 2021 CX-30 equipped with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) CCA 650 battery and I am experiencing no problems.

The battery low warning is a bothersome auditory signal that may or may not be indicative of the current condition of the battery.

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Approximately one month ago, I replaced the batter in my 29-month-old CX-30 with one that has a capacity of 650 CCA. This was necessary since the battery failed to start on a frigid day (20 F/-6 C). The initial battery capacity in the North American vehicles, only for petrol, is limited to 525 CCA. Additionally, the continuous activation of my dashcam is likely to have had a negative impact on the battery's charge state.
If you will be in close proximity to the vehicle for a prolonged duration, it may be necessary to place the key fob inside an RFID pouch.

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