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I just exchanged my 2014 C63 for an 18-month-old A45 S plus+. This automobile is just remarkable. It moves at a very high speed. I am astonished by the considerable amount of power generated by this vehicle's 2-liter engine. Prior to purchasing, I examined the Audi S3, a vehicle with superior speed, as well as the Golf R. I found the cabin of the Audi to be unsatisfactory, and the same can be said about the Golf. I am quite pleased with my decision to purchase the A45. It has rekindled the excitement I used to have when I first started driving, reminiscent of the days when I had my very first vehicle many years ago.

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The powertrain is certainly distinctive, particularly since BMW has discontinued the 6-cylinder engine in the M140i. I had eccentric ideas like installing one in the Superb 😆

In the past, we have seen similar levels of performance with 4-cylinder engines, such as the Evo FQ400. However, what sets our current engines apart is their improved tractability and daily usage.

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