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Requesting replacement of rear shocks covered by the used vehicle warranty for a 2019 E63s.

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I brought my E63 to a non-Mercedes-Benz facility to have the MOT inspection conducted. One observation made was that there was a little condensation buildup on one of the rear shock absorbers.

With just a few days remaining on my "Used car warranty," I decided to bring my car to the nearby dealership. The service manager promptly ordered a pair of shocks, since they are often serviced in sets.

The delivery of the components was delayed, taking around one month. By the time the parts arrived, the warranty for the used vehicle had expired, but I had already extended the warranty, which was now in effect. However, it is important to note that the extended warranty did not provide coverage for the shocks, although the used car warranty did. The dealership successfully invoked the used car warranty on the vehicle, since it was brought to their attention while the warranty was still valid.

It should be noted that the MB Extended warranty does not provide coverage for all the items that a used vehicle warranty offers.

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I believe there is no further charge for this service, since it is already included in the overall price of the vehicle.

The extended warranty may be the subject of your inquiry.

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Pre-owned AMG vehicles are sold with a 2-year warranty. (Indeed, I have already had the E63s for 2 years!) The cost to renew the extended warranty for the year was £1400.

After this year, I will likely resume saving money to cover repair expenses on an as-needed basis.

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