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Seating for Vito 639's second row


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My 2014 XLWB Dualiner will become a Traveliner after I install a third row of bench seating in the back.

I'd want to install 2+1 "comfort" seats in the back row, but I've seen that in many vacation rentals, the extra seat is placed on the wrong side of the vehicle (1+2).

I'd want to be in the front row, but the only available seat is on the near side. Can somebody tell me whether this set of chairs will work in this arrangement? It doesn't matter where the legs are since I want to attach four seat brackets anyhow. Perhaps one side of the vehicle has a distinct profile due to the internal paneling. There must be a purpose for this, but I can't imagine what it is.

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Having 4 rails or floor retainers makes it almost certain to work.
The 2-seater utilizes Rails 1-3, while the 1-seater clamps onto the 2-seater and makes use of Rail 4.
The spacing between the rails/floor retainers is uniform.

It can seat people in rows 2, 3, or even in the back.

To revise, you may look into insurance regulations and the installation of floor restraints.

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The 2+1 comfort seats in the center row have floor mounting points that are evenly placed, as reported by m80IA. As is customary for automobiles in the UK, my Dualiner has the single on the near side. However, I can't say for certain whether or not the Traveliner has third-row seats.

To make it comparable to a traveler, you will need to install rear side windows in addition to the underfloor components for a third row. Some insurance providers may not be willing to cover a vehicle that has undergone such modifications because of the increased risk of an accident. To offset the increased risk to rear passengers in a collision, insurers may need proof that child safety seats were installed according to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. The DVLA must be informed of the additional seating arrangements.

You could be better off trading this in for a Traveller, but I recommend giving it a thorough inspection first.

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The comments are appreciated, fellas.

For an extra three seats and two windows, I called Admiral. They seemed to be taking the situation somewhat lightly. They told me I'd have to pay an additional £80 for the policy's last three months. When I inquired as to whether or not they need illustrations, they declined. I may give them another call just to be sure.

I'll include a cover letter and photos with the V5 I submit back to the DVLA and cross my fingers!

I considered a traveler, but they all seem to be ex-taxis with 150,000 miles or more on the clock, and I'm not in the market for a 447 vito.

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A maximum of 8 passengers may be accommodated if the backseat is split into two benches. However, the most majority were probably cabs.
Having six seats upon delivery, as shown by the VIN, and not having benches placed later reduces the likelihood of being a mega mile former taxi.
If the MOT inspections have been less than once per 12 months, I don't see of it as a taxi. Though certain governing bodies don't need it. Then, the maintenance records must be easily accessible and in line with MOT standards.
It's not easy to locate real

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During at least some of their lifetimes, I've seen a lot of Vianos that were serviced every six months. This is a must in London, United Kingdom. I have no idea where else the same would be required.
When I see two annual MOTs, I presume the vehicle travels 40,000 miles each year; when the mileage is 20,000 or less, I suspect it is inflated.

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Really appreciate the help.

In the end, I decided to go with those chairs; after removing the exterior arm rests, they fit well.

I've completed around three-quarters of the third-row seat installation. I was prepared with zinc-coated steel bars that were 10 millimeters in diameter and had been drilled and tapped to M10 x 1.5. Since I was short on dimensions, I looked at pictures of vacationers on auto trader to get an idea of scale. Well, I got the drill out and, to my astonishment, discovered a captured nut! I made the last two holes and they fit perfectly! So, I quietly put down the drill and sank to my knees, overcome with joy.
This has saved me so much time and means that everything required for this task can be found in the MB.

Now all that's left to do is inform the DMV and insurance companies about the new mounting plates, and trim the floor to size.

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I'd want to add a third row to my dualiner as you did; do you happen to have the drill sizes you used? I doubt my yoda-like sense of smell could locate the caged nuts. Did you also insert the fourth seating row? Many vianos and travelers don't seem to be aware of it, and I wonder whether that's due of the gas tank.

I want to be able to share in your joy.


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