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The Nilfisk P180 Pressure Washer

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I feel the same way. I have had two Karchers, both of which exhibited excessive vibration and noise, both of which experienced leakage from the beginning resulting in intermittent pulsation, and both of which ultimately failed with smoke and sparks emerging from the motor vents. Subsequently, I purchased a Nilfisk, and the disparity in performance is very distinct. The machine seems to be well-designed and has outlasted both Karchers combined.
Purchasing a £15 adaptor from eBay allows me to use the extra attachments I purchased for the Karcher with the Nilfisk.

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I returned my machine today after using it just twice due to the discovery of a little leakage on the floor underneath it. Experiencing a no-questions-asked exchange at the store. This device is impressive, however I believe I just had bad luck the first time I used it.

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