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Where can I get replacement tips for a gen2 facelift car?

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Although it may seem trivial, the unmodified oem tips on my rear bumper are the only components that have not been altered, and it is causing me some frustration. Is there any manufacturer that produces titanium replacement bumper tips or similar products?

The 2022 rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle is equipped with a supercharger, adjusted for optimal performance using e85 fuel, and has a pure performance racing exhaust system. Additionally, it is equipped with a bagged suspension system, 3-piece Rotiform wheels, an extensive amount of carbon aerodynamic components, and has been treated with stealth paint protection film (PPF). The stock recommendations really annoy me, hehe.

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The exhaust system consists of a single outlet, and the carbon diffuser is specifically designed for a single outlet as well, so there is no need to modify the number of outlets. I just want to discard the glossy stainless material.

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