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255/85 recommendations


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I want to change the tyres on my standard-height Land Rover Defender 90.

I have 235/85/16 tyres on my sawtooths right now, which are et20?! Could I switch to 255/85 without making many changes?

Any pictures would be fine. I can't find any sawtooths that have 255/85 tyres on them!!

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The 255/85s will be higher but thinner than the 265/75s I use on my 16-inch sawtooths, so they should fit without an issue. Since the 255/85s are often only available in an MT, it's worth noting that you may want to consider beads rather than normal weights for balance purposes.
It's possible that a little tweak to the stops is all that's needed to eliminate friction at full steering lock.

The ET20 specification will be stamped on the hub of factory-fresh sawtooth wheels.


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I've been running 255/85 for about 4 years. On Boost wheels, but the tyre size is great.
I like them better than 235's.

I've never lost grip with them off-road, even in mud. Just drive like any MT would when it's wet.

I run all the time on mountain trails and a lot on the road, but I only do about 6 to 8 km a year.

Dynabeads are good.

If you don't have any weights or don't want any, you can also use Dynabeads or weights. It might be helpful to have a few more Dynabeads in weight.

See Blackwolf's posts about Dynabeads and how much to use here.
Mine has the normal amount, but you can go a little higher in weight if you want to.

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