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Hyundai UK Letter


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Melissa Warner, who is in charge of customer service, has written to me twice at the same address.

I quote from her letter. "After looking into the situation thoroughly, we've found that the mpg rating you're getting is correct and that there's nothing else that can be done to change it from a mechanical point of view."

She continues by saying that she can't help any more.

I won't, of course, just let things go. I'll talk to the MD after that.

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Hi all
same issue over fuel consumption its worse than I thought now I have found out how to completly fill the tank. Tried Hyundai 3 times, SMMT twice, all hide behind the official VCA figures.
May have found a legal loophole and am seeking legal advice next week.The figures in the early brochure quote 30MPG if you take the trouble to convert the litres to gallons this equates to 28 MPG not 30MPG.There is no errors or exception clause in the brochure so its up to Hyundia to ensure the "official" figures are correct.You also need to keep a copy of the original brochure ( page 17) quotes "even more economical 2.0 Common Rail Diesel"

Looking at the new web brochure this has been taken out and the Urban fuel consumption reduced to 28MPG but the Extra Urban has been left at these unachievable figures of 42.1

Hope this helps anyone in the same position as me supporting the fuel companies profits!!!

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Thanks for the latest info,:clap: Since purchasing my Tuscon in October of 2004, I have yet to see the impressive results advertised by Hyundai. I always try to save gas by looking at the fuel gauge, and I've sometimes gotten an extra two or three miles out of my car when compared to the official number.
For example, if my real distance is 2145 miles and my tank's remaining mileage indicator is 155 miles, I'll know that I've driven one extra mile since my tank indicator now reads 154 miles.It helps, but the highest I've ever gotten is 374 miles per gallon. :angry2:
I'm disappointed, too; I had my heart set on a Tuscon, but I sifted through all the SUV options to find the best one, what with my impending retirement and all.
Please keep up the pressure on Hyundai; I waited three months for a car before they finally agreed to ship one to me, and when they did, it was a midnight blue model that wasn't listed in the brochure's approved colour detail. The UK managing director (MD) was very nice on the phone, but Hyundai doesn't pay much attention to the company's UK branch.

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Even though Hyundai UK Customer Service said in their latest letter that there was nothing else they could do, they suggested I have my local Hyundai store check how much petrol I use.

I'm sure they won't find anything wrong with the car, since it runs well and uses a lot of gas. When I made the reservation, the service manager also recommended this. He stated that a lot of people have complained about MPG since it came out in this country.

He has also told me not to expect too much until I've travelled about 5000 miles. It seems like this time is needed to "carbon up" the engine. I'm not very scientific, so I'm not sure what this means. Maybe someone else will get something out of it.

Anyway, I'll let you all know if anything changes. Unless we say something, nothing will change.

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I live in the south of England, and if the Hyundai fuel problem is not resolved soon, would anybody want to go to High Wycombe to meet with the Director of Hyundai UK?
Perhaps a personal visit from all angry Hyundai Tuscon CRTD owners would persuade him and the company that there is an issue that needs to be resolved.:grin:
I'm on my seventh or eighth tank of petrol and have only driven 2600 miles on all sorts of roads in changing weather, but I still can't get more than 325 miles to the tank. (The other day, I incorrectly believed I had 375 miles and had to wipe my glasses.)

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I support the notion of acting "in force."

You may have read my findings in the "Fuel Consumption" thread (notice typo for the correct thread), where I detailed my 375 miles on a tankful, with a pitiful 9.1litres/100km (31 UK MPG) as my BEST efforts, despite the fact that I have only driven approximately 2900 miles.

If we elect to go as a group, I would suggest coordinating a date and time with David Walker. I would not wish for him to be "out" when we arrived. Also, I would suggest, if we were to make the trip, that we do NOT reset the MPG metre (leave it at its current best) and fill the tank to the brim (I mean force every last drip into the tank) before starting, reset the Trip metre and meet him at a garage in High Wycombe, where we all note our trip lengths, refill the tanks, noting the litres required to fill the tanks again and calculate the MPG and record it officially in Thus, he will understand that we mean business, and our concerns will be reinforced in a positive manner. It would also be a fascinating day trip that would leave us with a sense of accomplishment. I am confident that he will require this type of approach, as we need him and Hyundai UK on our side so that they can effectively communicate our position to the international Hyundai office.

Perhaps also a letter from each of us conveying our concerns and detailing our individual findings.

Even if there is nothing that can be done mechanically and we must be patient and run-in our new vehicles, Hyundai should make adjustments to their advertising literature and fuel consumption specifications, and provide a reasonable explanation in layman's terms as to why the Tucson performs worse than comparable SUVs.

Lastly, are we being excessively paranoid?
Should we allocate more time for running?
What verifiable information do we gather in comparison to other SUVs?
Should we heed the advice of fellow 4x4 proprietors that we should anticipate higher fuel consumption? (i.e., as a novice to 4x4, are my expectations unrealistic?)

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So, I went my vehicle to my local dealer yesterday for a fuel economy test.

After two hours, I received a phone call informing me that the vehicle was ready for pickup, however there was a little issue! They were unable to do the test since there does not seem to be an instrument accessible in this nation to evaluate the fuel throughput on a common rail diesel on a Hyundai.

The service receptionist handed me a document from Hyundai UK in which it said that due to the significant number of complaints concerning fuel usage, Hyundai Korea was compelled to produce a tool to assess it and that it would most likely be ready to distribute in March. She also mentioned a car recall. I'm not sure whether this was her imagination or something she heard via the grapevine.

Whatever you choose to make of this development.

I'll keep you updated on what occurs next, and the concept of a "convoy" appeals to me.

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