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Third year of service

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Good day, everyone.

I have scheduled my vehicle for its third-year service on Wednesday with Mercedes Benz of Colchester (while Chelmsford is the nearest, I have previously had it serviced by Colchester and they were excellent).

I have requested that they do several tasks during their time, and as a result of my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), I have developed a checklist to ensure that all tasks are completed. These tasks encompass:

1) The A0 service, referred to as A by Merc, is indicated by the automobile as A0:dk:.
The three-year gearbox service.
3). Examine intermittent abruptness in the gearbox between speeds 1 and 2.
4). Examine the bothersome noise coming from the central air vent in the Dash.
5). Update the Sat Nav software to the most recent version. Initial MOT

The aforementioned tasks will need a whole day, and maybe even more, to complete. I would want to ensure that all the desired and expected tasks from Mercedes are carried out on the automobile. Therefore, I have a few inquiries, which encompass:

1). Service - I would like to emphasise that when changing the oil, it is important to warm up the car and completely drain the oil, including the oil cooler, to remove as much of the old oil as possible. I have come across several cases where the oil coolers were not drained and owners found the oil on the dip stick to be dirty or dark. Is there any further information that I should seek or emphasise?

2 and 3. Transmission - I presume that an ATF change is just an ATF change, with no additional factors to consider as the unit is hermetically sealed. Furthermore, I presume that the fluid alteration would resolve the intermittent fluctuations. Should I formally request a software update, or will this be addressed as a component of the service?

4). Creaking - This is a prevalent problem that I have just lately been aware of, since I do not drive the vehicle as often as I would like. However, I am aware that it is causing a disturbance in my obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), therefore I am determined to resolve this issue.

5. Satellite Navigation - After thoroughly reviewing all the documentation for the automobile, I have found no evidence of any recent modifications within the last three years. Therefore, it can be inferred that the car is still in the same condition as when it was first manufactured in Germany three years ago. - I presume that the modifications made in the most recent version will be substantial, allowing me to refrain from questioning its completion. However, for my own reassurance, how can I verify the current version of the software? Is anybody aware of the code for the most recent version it might or should possess?

6). MOT - I am curiously anticipating the test results as I am really concerned about maintaining the quality of my vehicles. Previously, all three of my cars (2 BM's and 1 Audi) were sold before reaching 3 years old. However, this particular car (my first AMG) has captivated me more than any other, therefore I have chosen to retain it for a longer period of time.

Apologies for the many inquiries, but as previously said, I have a strong inclination towards maintaining my vehicles in impeccable shape. However, owing to the demands of job and family, I am unable to drive them as much as I like. In fact, I have not covered a distance of 1500 miles since acquiring my car about a year ago. My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) compels me to ensure that my vehicle is in impeccable condition, even though I do not often use it. Given that Wednesday's visit will cost around £900, I would want to be well prepared.

Thank you in advance.

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1) It is likely that most dealerships would extract the oil by suctioning it out, rather than draining it via the sump plug(s), since this would require removing all the undertrays. If one chooses to repeatedly empty the cooler, it is anticipated that there will be a substantial increase in both cost and duration.

2&3) Avoid making any assumptions; anticipate that the jerkiness will need a software upgrade. Would you want them to also deplete the torque converter?

5) Once again, refrain from making assumptions. Request them to share the codes for the versions before and after, since the changes may be rather minor. Anticipate that this process may need a duration of 3-5 hours.

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My automobile has been three years old since I purchased it two months ago, and I have maintained it.

1. The third service is rated as A0. If you use the Mercedes service online to locate the most favourable price nationwide, your dealer is expected to provide a matching price. In my case, the price was £700, and they have consistently matched all prices year.
2. The fluid change mostly affects the gearbox, seals, filters, and other components.
3. The issue will not be resolved, since it is a common occurrence. There is a recent update to the gearbox softwear that has been available for a few months. I made the upgrade on my own vehicle, and the only noticeable improvement was a faster gear change.
4. While some individuals may engage in this behaviour (fortunately, I do not), exacerbating the situation and maybe causing more complications.
Yes, there is an update that requires several hours to complete. However, you will not see any noticeable changes. It is unclear what the upgrades were, but they displayed a progress bar throughout the installation process, which took a considerable amount of time. Additionally, other aspects such as voice commands were changed, which took an additional hour.
6. The only recommendation they had was that the discs and pads were becoming depleted and to return in a few months for replacements (to be fair, they have performed very well over a span of 3 years, considering my driving habits).

To provide piece of mind, I recommend considering an extended warranty for the automobile before it reaches the age of 3 if you want to retain it. I made a payment of £1300 to Mercedes for a one-year warranty, which is identical to the guarantee provided for the first three years of the vehicle. If you want to extend this warranty with Mercedes, even for one day after it has been three years old, the payment will amount to £2100 for a duration of one year.

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Thank you, everyone.

Tomorrow, I will contact them to inquire about the method of engine oil removal, namely whether it will be sucked out or drained. I will then proceed accordingly.

I had not previously considered the oil for the torque converter. I will inquire about it once again tomorrow. Additionally, I will request the provision of the current software codes for both the Gearbox and Sat Nav systems, and thereafter request the acquisition of the updated codes upon completion of all necessary tasks. The frequency of transmission events is not consistent and is quite seldom. However, the mere awareness of its potential occurrence motivates me to actively pursue a solution. If future occurrences can be minimised, it would be very desirable. Additionally, expediting gear-changes would be highly advantageous. Therefore, I want to inquire about this matter tomorrow.

I neglected to inquire about price matching with other dealers; instead, I used the internet service tool and found that another dealer offers a price about £200 lower. I will now await their response.

Regrettably, I am not subscribed to a service plan, so the whole payment will be made upon collection.

I have been contemplating the Warranty, and despite my initial intention to sell the car next Summer in order to use the funds to pay off a portion of the mortgage, I find myself preferring to keep it. None of the previous cars I have owned, borrowed, or driven have caused me as much distress as this one. I have one week to decide whether I will extend the warranty, as it will be officially three years old on October 16th.

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Considering your mileage and the imminent sale of the vehicle, I would advise you to refrain from worrying about the warm/cold oil change and to avoid squandering your money by leaving the tranny unattended. There is uncertainty over the extent to which it warrants an oil change.

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Our automobiles do not have a torque converter. This was the case with the pre-facelift C63 till 2012, which had an outdated gearbox.

For the same reason I chose to keep mine, I have two other vehicles that I desire: a black series and a 911 Turbo S. However, I am unable to afford either of them. Therefore, I have chosen to keep the C63 since it continues to bring me joy on a daily basis.

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I am perplexed by the substantial cost of a third-year service, which amounts to £900. Previously, I had the belief that an A (A0) service just included an oil change.

I just finished my fourth year of service on my R172 SLK 55AMG at an MB dealer for little over £700. The service comprised the following:

1. Oil and filter replacement (I consistently provide my own oil...significant savings per 9 litres of synthetic oil)
The process of replacing spark plugs is a laborious one, requiring the use of eight plugs.
3. Replacement of brake fluid
4. MOT
5. The diff oil has been replaced.

Could you please provide information on the cost of the first year of service, since the third year is expected to be almost equal?

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After consulting Opie Oils, I have found that Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 costs £24.95 for 6 litres, which is little more over £4 per litre. In contrast, your local MB Dealer would charge you almost £11 per litre for the same product.

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