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Comparison between the 2017/18/20 V10 Plus and the 2022/23 RWD.

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Greetings, everyone - I am seeking guidance from anyone who have experience driving or owning both of these vehicles. I have been vacillating between purchasing an older V10 Plus and acquiring a brand new or almost new rear-wheel drive vehicle, since they are priced similarly. I have experienced driving a 2020 R8 Performance Quattro, and it was quite remarkable. However, I am still undecided on whether I should choose for the Quattro or rear-wheel drive (RWD) version. I have thoroughly reviewed all existing discussions available on this topic and believe that with the increasing use of rear-wheel drive vehicles in everyday life, there may be a greater variety of viewpoints to consider.

I anticipate driving in favourable weather conditions (without snow) for enthusiastic drives, long-distance journeys and occasional usage on a racecourse or airstrip once each year. My intention is to retain ownership of the automobile for at least 10 years and drive an average of 10,000 km each year.

Advantages / Disadvantages I have considered the following: 2017/18/20 V10 Plus Advantages:

    The loudest and most aggressive music, based on my research, is accompanied with carbon interior and exterior components.
    Carbon fibre wing with a fixed design (impressive appearance to me)
    Improved gear ratio for increased acceleration
    Maximum power output without any adjustments or modifications
    The factory exhaust system may produce a sufficiently high level of noise when equipped with a sport exhaust system.


    The approximate price of a 2017/2018 Canadian model with Mag ride, which is about 5 years old and has mileage, is comparable to that of a brand new 2023 model.
    Differentiating the steering sensation between all-wheel drive (AWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD)
    Typically not covered by warranty unless it is the year 2020.
    I like the aesthetics of both models, but I have a preference for the 2020 facelift version. Additionally, both models come with limited edition features. Regarding the carbon ceramics, I am uncertain whether to categorise it as a positive or negative aspect. On one hand, the absence of brake dust is appealing, but on the other hand, the cost is a drawback.

Advantages of the 2022/23 RWD:

    The steering sensation is purportedly improved.
    The RWD exhibits a lively and spirited disposition.
    Minimal number of spinning components that need replacement or are prone to failure.
    Less heavy
    Warranty and availability of brand new items
    Cost of a new automobile that is equal to the price of a used car


    Reduced acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (uncertain whether the difference is perceptible or if the automobile still maintains a comparable level of speed)
    I am unable to adjust the soft limitation for many years due to my desire to maintain the guarantee.
    Reduced power (as previously mentioned about tuning)
    Presumably, a factory tune with less aggression and a quieter exhaust tone (with the intention of installing an aftermarket valved exhaust).
    There is no button on the steering wheel to control the exhaust.
    Steel brakes, while they may have advantages, may also be considered a disadvantage due to the issue of brake dust.
    The wing is now movable, but we want to replace it with a permanent carbon wing due to the high cost of materials.
    Canadian rear-wheel drive automobiles have very low carbon emissions.

Thank you beforehand

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Novelty is consistently more appealing.
If you intend to modify the device, the warranty will inevitably be voided.
The warranties may be extended for a total of 15 years.
Carbon brakes have an extremely long lifespan. Almost The all-wheel drive (AWD) system is essentially a rear-wheel drive with a little amount of front-wheel assistance.
Wishing you success and please share photographs whenever you get it!

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Allow me to provide my perspective on this matter, since it is still fresh in my mind and I can empathise with your frustration.

Initially, I was also considering purchasing a secondhand item. The way you were examining the 17-18 Plus is comparable to how I was evaluating the updated generation 1 2014-2015 models. I would like a V10 engine, with a manual gearbox, however an S-tronic gearbox would also be OK.
During my first experience in a R8, I had the opportunity to drive an 18 Plus model, which I quite enjoyed. However, I personally had a taste for the body shape of the 14-15 or 2020+ versions. The 17-18 model years sound quite impressive.
When I began shopping in 2021, the prices of 2014-2015 model years in Canada started increasing significantly, sometimes even surpassing the price of a brand-new 2021 RWD. I submitted the order for it.
Initially, I was dissatisfied with the absence of carbon choices. However, due to my purchase being delayed until the 2023 model year, they have now provided the option of carbon fibre sideblades. That is precisely what I wanted above anything else (rather than enclosing).
I first desired an interior carbon finish and a carbon engine bay. However, I soon realised that if this aspect troubled me much, I could easily get these features from suppliers such as R8-stuff (Osman).
Now that many months have passed after the birth, I have not been very concerned about the issue mentioned above. The interior is of high quality, despite in the absence of some elements.

Upon reflection, I am uncertain whether I would have made any other choices. Perhaps I would have contemplated purchasing the Quattro just because my automobile was free from luxury tax, resulting in significant savings compared to their current pricing with the luxury tax.

Regarding the RWD/AWD. I have not experienced any decrease in confidence when driving the vehicle at maximum speed. However, my main intention is to use it mostly on pleasant, sunny days. Neither rain nor cold deterred me from using my vehicle. Although it was difficult to store it during the winter season, I would not have driven it even if it had all-wheel drive.

In reference to the disadvantages you have enumerated:

    The car's performance remains very fast, even if it has a lower horsepower compared to the AWD model. I highly recommend watching the Carwow video comparing the 2023 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) model, the 2023 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Spyder, and the 2023 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) GT. The conventional rear-wheel drive (RWD) performed exceptionally and even emerged victorious in some races, starting from a stationary position.
    The presence of a limiter is undeniable, but it has not been a significant concern. The valve closing between 3K-5K might be bothersome.
    The exhaust button on the steering wheel is often replaced with aftermarket options or controlled by a valve controller. I am contemplating the valve controller based on the information provided.
    I do mostly street driving, therefore I didn't have a preference between steel and ceramic materials.
    I first desired a permanent wing for the object in question, but I have now developed an appreciation for its movable nature and the convenience of utilising a button to adjust its height. It amuses me, to say the least.
    Carbon fibre exterior is an optional feature that will be offered for the 2023 model, but only if specifically requested. I have not considered purchasing an interior or carbon fibre engine bay since I received the delivery. The majority of their desires were expressed prior to actually acquiring the automobile.

Overall, I have no regrets about my choice to purchase a new vehicle, especially since it came with a complete 4-year factory warranty and maintenance package. This additional benefit provided me with even more reassurance and satisfaction, despite the fact that it may not have been the exact year or specification I had initially desired. Ultimately, it is a R8, equipped with the same, pleasingly resonant V10 engine. Hopefully, that provided some assistance. 😎

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I much appreciate your comment, as it is quite beneficial. Thank you. Currently, I am strongly inclined towards this choice. The allure of a complete warranty and a fresh new vehicle is difficult to resist, especially when compared to a car that is already 5 years old. Initially, I had concerns about missing out on the carbon options, but those worries dissipate once I really drive the car.

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I have had a 2017 V10 Plus for a duration of 5 years. Have experience driving rear-wheel drive (RWD) automobiles. For most "typical driving" situations, the vehicle will still have good traction with appropriate tyres, so you're not really losing out on anything with rear-wheel drive. Nevertheless, the absence of sufficient power and the implementation of a rev limitation would be a decisive factor that would prevent me from proceeding. The rear-wheel drive (RWD) automobile that I drove had a tune installed on it. It did not exhibit a significant difference in performance, save for the noticeable change in the gear ratios, which resulted in steeper gearing.

The drivetrain of a R8 is quite durable, making a warranty unnecessary. Occasionally, you may get invoices in the range of three or four figures for the repair of certain items that should not have broken. However, there is no need to be very concerned about a repair cost in the five-figure range on this platform, since it is unlikely to occur often enough to merit worrying about a warranty.

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The carbon brakes on the V10 Plus are exceptional.
If the vehicle is equipped with magnetic ride, you have the choice to either choose the Audi Sport suspension or one of the high-quality aftermarket alternatives at a later time.

The vehicle I test drove from the dealer was a non Plus variant. In my opinion, the performance of the car was disappointing, but the newest versions have a somewhat better acceleration. However, the focus of the car's tuning is on reducing emissions and it lacks a rear wing. The disparity in weight between the standard model and the Plus variant is minimal, particularly when equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system on the Plus.

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I own a 2022 Rear-Wheel Drive Performance Spyder. The modifications made to the vehicle include a DME Stage 2 tune, allowing for a redline of 9000 rpm, a TCU tune, a Pedal Box, an iPE exhaust system, a carbon fibre front sway bar, carbon fibre elements both inside and outside the vehicle and GT OEM external pieces. Osman provided me with assistance. The car has an astonishing 700 horsepower. She is quite impressive!

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The vehicle is now at Eurowerks in Pompano, where it is undergoing the installation of its final bespoke inside carbon fibre elements provided by DB Carbon. Audi Sport will manufacture machined wheels next week. Visual media will be provided thereafter.

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