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Is it possible to modify the command display to convert kilometres to miles?


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Is it possible to modify the little speed readout on the command display to indicate the speed in miles per hour (MPH)? The vehicle's speed unit is configured to miles per hour (mph) in the settings, and the primary display accurately reflects this option. However, I am encountering difficulty modifying the secondary display located at the bottom.
Thank you.


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In fact, the temperature display was not shown in the centre speedometer section of some automobile models, such as the R171 SLK, due to an erroneous interpretation of a law by Mercedes-Benz (MB) in the past, leading to the implementation of a UK Mode option. The prevailing regulation stipulates that the automobile must possess the ability to exhibit both miles per hour (mph) and kilometres per hour (kph), but not necessarily concurrently. The UK mode of my device was set to "uncoded" in order to provide temperature readings instead of speed measurements, which proves to be advantageous during winter as it serves as an indicator for potential frost conditions.

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Please refer to my previous blogs on the UK mode. However, by accessing the settings and switching to the metric system, the speed limits and cruise control functions will be shown in kilometres per hour (kph), potentially eliminating the need for mental calculations to translate your speed.

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