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Parking Sensor Replacement for £37: Compare and Contrast


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Their pictures are a little unclear since they show sensors that are either Mercedes- or Bosch-branded, as well as ones that are neither. Just what did you end up with?

When I had to replace a sensor, I went to ECP and got a Bosch for around £70 instead of paying the dealer £120 for a Mercedes one.

When I try to replace sensors on my own, there always appears to be an issue. However, if I have my indie do it using the identical sensor I provided, everything works out. I find it hard to believe, since they should just plug in.

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I figured reviving an old topic would be easier than starting a new one, so here's my question: If the vehicle disables all the sensors if one fails, how can you tell which ones are broken? My (backup) merc expert (my regular one is too busy to help me right now) advised me to replace all of the bumpers at once since "once one goes, they all start to fail," which seems pricey in terms of labor and 8(?) components, so I'm tempted to attempt doing it myself. Help identifying which sensors are down would be much appreciated.

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