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Discs and Pads for the Front Brakes by Bosch


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Greetings to all those present,

I am in possession of a 2013 E220 W212 AMG Line vehicle, and I am now considering the replacement of the front brake discs and pads. Specifically, I am contemplating the use of Bosch branded discs and pads. I am interested in gathering insights from others who have employed these components in a similar context, and I would much appreciate any feedback on your experiences with them. I express my gratitude for your assistance.

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I highly recommend obtaining the pricing from MB, particularly the Ebay store (MB Newcastle), since it may provide a favorable outcome. Brembo is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), notably for AMG cars, and comparable brake discs may be sourced through Autodoc or ECP at very competitive pricing.

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I just installed Bosch brake discs on my vehicle, which were obtained through the autodoc supplier. Upon experiencing initial worry and mild irritation over their origin in China, it has ultimately been determined that they are satisfactory. The worn surfaces of the disc were coated with a substance resembling paint in order to protect against corrosion. Initially, I had the belief that the aforementioned phenomenon would diminish rapidly; nevertheless, contrary to my expectations, it persisted. Consequently, the act of deceleration became an arduous task until the phenomenon eventually subsided. As a result, I opted to eliminate the aforementioned coating, or a significant portion thereof, by using abrasive paper. After the complete erosion of the coating, the braking performance has remained satisfactory and unrecognizable to me when compared to the initial MB discs and pads.

In my previous experiences, I have consistently placed faith in Bosch for various purposes and have found their products to be reliable. However, it is important to note that the prevalence of German-made goods has diminished in recent times, leading to lowered expectations in this regard.

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