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What distinguishes the presence of black or grey vents surrounding the engine glass? Genesis 1

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Hey everyone, just out of curiosity, what is the deciding reason for having the side vents surrounding the engine glass in either grey or black?
I am referring to the slender bands that extend along the whole length of the rear engine window.
I am unable to see any pattern or logic behind it.

The vents of all the V8's I have seen are black in colour. I have seen many V10 vehicles equipped with both light grey and black vents. I am curious about the reason for this. Expressing gratitude.

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I was unaware that black vents had ever been made available. The GT has distinct vents in conjunction with the GT carbon hatch. I previously had the belief that black ones were produced by third-party manufacturers or subjected to a process of powder coating or painting. Insane. Even after many years, I am continually discovering little distinctions between various models.

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