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My wife ran into a bollard, is she hurt badly?


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Hi there. The wife's GLA 1.6 200 SE has some minor front passenger-side damage when she almost missed a bollard earlier today. However, the biggest problem is that the edge of the door is no longer flat with the connecting component (the wing?).

Since the door generally slips beneath the metal of the wing, I can't open the passenger door. How bad is it, exactly? I'm taking it to the dealer soon, but how much of a hit should I expect (in terms of money)?


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Don't visit the merchant!

Your insurance company or a nearby body shop.
In most cases, having the work done at a local body shop will only cost you the amount of your insurance deductible and won't affect your no-claims bonus or driving record in any way.

Usually, they may be removed, along with dents, misalignment of the wing and door, and a buffing.
They can also give you an estimate for a new wing if you need one....

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Do a search on paintless dent repair in your area; I think I could fix it in an hour or less with the equipment I have. A mobile service will go to you, and all you'll need is a fast shine with a DA or machine polisher before you can hit the road. Please refrain from opening the door repeatedly; doing so will just exacerbate the situation.

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