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The Kleemann SLK 55K S8 is a high-performance vehicle.


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Typically, I refrain from sharing photographs of the automobiles I acquire; but, I am inclined to make an infrequent exception from this practice for the present vehicle due to its potential rarity. This particular vehicle is a Mercedes, which is noteworthy due to its unique characteristics. As a result, it may attract the attention of those associated with the MBClub community.

Today, I acquired a Kleemann SLK 55K S8 automobile. I acknowledge that the vehicle I am referring to may seem less exciting in comparison to a Mercedes-AMG ForFour Black Series AMG Sport Plus Night Edition Premium Plus 125 Navi facelift equipped with Brabus enhancements.

The automobile in question is a single-owner vehicle with little miles, displaying superb overall condition. The purchase was made via a former AMG technician who adheres to very high standards, and any components that did not satisfy his rigorous criteria were replaced.

The Mercedes vehicle first left the factory equipped with a normally aspirated 5.4 litre M113 V8 engine. However, it underwent further modifications by Kleemann, which included the addition of a supercharger, as well as the replacement of the camshafts and the whole exhaust system, including headers and racing catalytic converters.

During its day, the aforementioned vehicle was sometimes labeled as the "Baby SLR" because to its F1-inspired front design, comparable power output (but not identical), and the distinctive combination of a deep-chested exhaust note and the whine of a supercharger.

Both the inside and exterior exhibit a conventional design, devoid of any indications about the contents concealed within the vehicle's engine compartment. The vehicle has an Obsidian Black exterior hue complemented with a two-tone nappa leather inside in black and red, which is well preserved.

The wheels have an alternative five-spoke design as opposed to the often seen "Turbine" type. I am inclined towards the use of turbines, however I would consider the possibility of acquiring a suitable set of 19-inch AMG IV wheels.


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It is remarkable to observe that the subject in question remains unaltered, with the exception of the nuclear mass situated under the vehicle's hood.

I would very appreciate it if you could provide inside photographs at your convenience, Rob. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have a visual representation of the engine bay.

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This object is aesthetically pleasing.
I concur with the prevailing sentiment: the rims exhibit a notable efficacy. The rounded contours of the vehicle are aesthetically enhanced by the smooth contours of the wheel spokes. Additional photographs would be much appreciated at your earliest convenience. Well done, Mr. BD.

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