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Located this great resource with free coupon codes.


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Hi All

My 95, 323 had an issue, and I needed help. My dashboard displayed a Check Light, so I went online in search of information.

learn deciphering the codes.

I stumbled over this page. www.auto-diagnostic-codes.com

Includes free access to detailed information on engine, ABS, automatic transmission, and airbag codes for vehicles manufactured in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

include automobiles made in Japan and Korea.

By following the on-screen prompts, I was able to get my engine's diagnostic trouble code, which I then entered into the


The system displayed error 32, which referred to a high HO2S heater control circuit in bank 1 of sensor 1.

After testing and ultimately replacing the sensor, the issue was resolved. I figured other people may benefit from this site, too.

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For those who have seen this light turn on and are curious about its source, know that it might be triggered by a variety of problems. Like you, I have an issue with my service light being on. As a result, I purchased a 'CAN OBDII Scan Tool,' which is a little piece of testing equipment that connects to the vehicle's OBDII socket, located in the driver's footwell. When you plug this device into your car's diagnostic port, it will do a scan of your engine management system computer and report any error codes it finds. Once the problem has been rectified, the device may erase the codes and return the Check Engine Light to its normal position. Make sure it fits your vehicle's make and year by looking it up on Amazon before you purchase it. I paid £12.00 + £8.00 for shipping and handling, and it was well worth the money. There are comparable parts that are more pricey and flexible.
I really hope the information above is useful.

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